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A Kid Making a Difference: Frankie Palladino

Frankie Palladino

Age: 10

Location: Manlius, N.Y.

He’ll be a fifth grader this fall and has had type 1 diabetes since he was 6 years old. He uses an insulin pump, and his parents help him count carbohydrates. Frankie plays basketball and lacrosse, and swims, too. He’s a youth advocate who has spoken with legislators and other kids with diabetes alike.

How he started: Frankie’s family and his school struggled with how he should manage his diabetes at school, and his family sought help from the ADA. Now, things at school are better, and Frankie and his family reach out to other families and state legislators to share their story. They participate in Tour de Cure, too.

Encouraging words: “Even kids can make a difference. Don’t give up, and believe in yourself. Someday you’ll be an advocate!”

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