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All Kinds of Good

By Kelly Rawlings, Editorial Director , ,

This issue is packed with so much goodness, including an extra welcome letter below.

As always, you’ll find facts and findings about healthy living. Some highlights include how to put together a first-aid kit and what parents need to know about day care for children with diabetes.

And then there’s food—a dozen recipes full of fresh summer flavors. Food Editor Robyn Webb has suggestions for outdoor dining, including menus for a patio party, a picnic, and a crowd-pleasing family gathering.

Plus, meet some new friends—a doctor dealing with her own diabetes diagnosis, an inspiring 6-year-old, and members of the Chickasaw Nation who attend adult camp to improve and refresh their diabetes health skills. And get to know five Red Striders® from Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes®. Signing up for Step Out is a great way to motivate yourself to get the physical activity that helps us feel our best.


Kelly Rawlings, PWD* type 1
Twitter: @KellyRawlings
*Person with diabetes

Live and Learn

Welcome to our new Live and Learn department. This new feature will allow educators and people living with diabetes to share their positive experiences, challenges, and successes—from which we all can gain.

Diabetes education is provided in many ways and venues: in individual counseling, group sessions, hospital or community settings, physician office practices, and even by telephone and video conferencing. Programs that achieve national recognition status from the American Diabetes Association meet standards of care in providing quality diabetes education.* To find an ADA Recognized Education Program near you, go to diabetes.org/findaprogram.  

Diabetes Forecast welcomes your stories about how diabetes education has made a difference in your life or the lives of others. Please share some of your “aha moments” (send your descriptions to replyall@diabetes.org). 

—Janice Koshinsky, RN, MS, CDE
Chair, ADA Education Recognition Program Committee

*Source: “National Standards for Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support,” Diabetes Care, January 2014

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