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The Adventures of People With Diabetes

How five thrill seekers have fun, stay safe, and do remarkable things

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The Adventures of People With Diabetes

Maybe you’ve felt it before, the restlessness.

Maybe you’ve felt it before, the rush. It surges when your courage is nearly spent and logic tells you to give up. And while your brain says you should play it safe, that rush reminds you you’re alive. The thrill is why many people jump out of airplanes, bungee off bridges, sail in solitude, ski in isolated areas, and take up sports that promise pain. People with diabetes aren’t immune to the rush of adventure or the thrill of extreme sports. And as the following people prove, with the right preparations, diabetes doesn’t mean you have to hold back.

The Captain: Erin Spineto

The Photographer: Lisa Seaman McKendry

The Biker: Matt Neal

The Roller Girl: Mary Weeks

The Jumper: Josh Glazov

Safety Note

Talk to your doctor to make sure engaging in extreme sports is reasonably safe for you.



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