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3 Tips for Food Shopping Safety

How to avoid contaminated products in the grocery store

By Tracey Neithercott , ,

Use these smart grocery shopping tips to lower your likelihood of contracting a food-related illness.

1.     Bag meats. Raw meat, fish, and eggs can taint the foods in your shopping cart, so keep them separate. The plastic bags provided by your grocer can trap juices, adding another layer of security. Ask your cashier to wrap meat or seafood in another plastic bag, then store them together—and away from the rest of your purchases.

2.     Have a plan of attack. Shop for perishable items last. Because pathogens thrive at room temperature, keeping frozen and refrigerated items in your cart while you browse the rest of the store could lead to unsafe food temperatures.

3.     Look at expiration dates. Pay attention to expiration dates, skipping foods that are past due. If you don’t plan on eating a food immediately, seek out foods that expire furthest in the future.

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