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Food Safety 101

The top steps you can take to avoid food-related illness

By Tracey Neithercott , ,


Food poisoning happens to the best of us. And while it’s miserable and sometimes scary, it’s often not unavoidable. The key is knowing the right ways to shop for, prep, and store foods, plus how to safely dine out. Check out the articles below for the essentials you need to know about food safety.

5 Tips for Food That's Safe to Eat

Simple steps to dramatically cut your risk for food poisoning

Beware of These 5 Bacteria

Top pathogens that cause foodborne illness and how they affect your health

Safe Food Shopping

How to avoid contamination in the grocery store

Food Storage Safety

How to refrigerate and freeze foods to cut the risk of illness

The Pesticide “Dirty Dozen”

The fruits and veggies most likely to have chemical residue

Toxic Substances

Why BPA and mercury matter—and how to avoid them

Restaurant Safety

Tips for lowering your chances of getting a foodborne illness while eating out



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