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A Guide for Youth With Type 2

The ADA offers a research-based online resource

The American Diabetes Association is reaching out to youth with type 2 diabetes and their families with a new online resource. “Be Healthy Today; Be Healthy For Life” is a printable guide for young people who want answers about how to live well with diabetes. The guide is based on findings from the TODAY (Treatment Options for Type 2 Diabetes in Adolescents and Youth) study.

Patrice M. Yasuda, PhD, a clinical psychologist at Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles and a past member of the Association’s Youth Strategies Committee who helped create the guide, says it fills a gap for young people living with type 2. “The TODAY study really tried to address things that are uniquely for youth and teens,” she says. “It’s a great example of taking material from research that we know is helpful and then making it user-friendly and available for the community.”

To learn more or download your free copy of “Be Healthy Today; Be Healthy For Life,” visit diabetes.org/healthytoday.



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