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Two-Meals-a-Day Plan Aids Weight Loss

Research news from the American Diabetes Association 73rd Scientific Sessions
June 21–25, 2013 | Chicago, Illinois

Many weight-loss experts recommend eating six small meals a day, but a small study suggests the opposite may be better for people with type 2 diabetes. Researchers assigned 52 people with type 2 to follow two low-calorie diets—one with six meals a day and the other with only breakfast and lunch—for 12 weeks. Both diets provided the same nutrients and number of calories. At the study's end, having only two meals a day was associated with a greater increase in insulin sensitivity and a larger decrease in body mass index (a ratio of weight to height). Eating two meals a day was also less likely to contribute to fatty liver disease. But because the diet lasted only 12 weeks, the study doesn't prove a twice-a-day meal plan would yield such results over the long term.


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