Diabetes Forecast

Road to Discovery

By Kelly Rawlings, Editorial Director ,

The "Discovery" research and news section in the September 2013 issue is our annual roundup of findings shared at the American Diabetes Association Scientific Sessions. This June, thousands of scientists and health professionals, as well as patient advocates and drug and device manufacturers, gathered in Chicago at the world's premier diabetes research meeting. Now, the evidence presented there will be used to improve care and guide future discoveries.

Some of the findings came from various projects funded by the American Diabetes Association's research program, to which you contribute. Thank you for your support of each step along the path to knowledge and understanding.

Meanwhile, beyond labs and academic institutions, advocates are working hard in schools, in courts, at family reunions, and even on the racetrack. We await a California Supreme Court decision that may make it easier for students to receive the insulin they need at school. Advocates such as Ina Mendoza-Wilson strive to change the future health of families—her own and others. And talented athletes, such as race car driver Ryan Reed, show us how to live life at full throttle while making a difference person-to-person and on the national level.

I appreciate that during your personal science experiment—your life with diabetes or your life affected by diabetes—you're pausing to read and reflect on how far we've come while keeping an eye on the road ahead.


Kelly Rawlings, PWD* type 1
Twitter: @KellyRawlings
*Person with diabetes



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