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Inactive Kids Have Higher Type 1 Risk


Research news from the American Diabetes Association 73rd Scientific Sessions, June 21–25, 2013

Kids at high risk for developing type 1 diabetes exercise less and sit around more than those at lower risk, a study found. Since 1994, researchers have monitored 2,542 young people with an increased genetic susceptibility to developing type 1 diabetes. Of those, 97 now have islet autoantibodies, a harbinger of type 1 that shows the immune system is starting to target the insulin-producing cells. The researchers tracked the physical activity of 62 autoantibody-positive children and 50 study participants without autoantibodies. The kids with autoantibodies exercised an average of 70 minutes less and were inactive for 110 minutes per week more than those with no autoantibodies. The researchers will continue to monitor the children to see if physical activity can ward off the development of type 1.



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