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People to Know 2013: Kyle Love

By Lindsey Wahowiak ,

Kyle Love and son AshtonPhotograph by Ben Van Hook

News! November 19, 2013: Defensive tackle Kyle Love joins the roster of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Pro football player Kyle Love, 26, might not be the person on this list with the most experience managing diabetes. In fact, he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in April this year. But Kyle's had to tackle diabetes in a big way. That makes sense, since it's in his job description to do everything BIG.

When Kyle's diagnosis was revealed, the 6-foot-1 defensive tackle was released by the New England Patriots—the team he had worshipped growing up and played with for three seasons. Patriots staff said the decision was "100 percent medical," ruffling feathers in the diabetes community and among football fans, who have seen professional athletes in the NFL and other leagues succeed while playing with type 1 or type 2 diabetes. The sting of leaving coaches, teammates, and fans in Boston hurt.

Nevertheless, Kyle has bounced back. He has lost about 10 pounds and, at 315, has more lean muscle mass than ever. And more than anything, he wants to get back on the field, where he believes his talent and his example will shine for others. While the off-season was a little dramatic, Kyle says the future should be much more exciting. "A lot of people have basically told me it was fate," he says. "I feel great, and I'm planning on having one of the biggest seasons of my career." We, along with his son Ashton, are cheering him on.

Lindsey Wahowiak is an associate editor at Diabetes Forecast. She frequently does not come in last in her fantasy football league.



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