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People to Know 2013: Amanda Lamb

By Crystal Bowersox ,

Amanda Lamb

There's this magical moment when you're talking to someone with diabetes for the first time and you realize, yes, that's exactly how it feels. The moment came early in my first conversation with Amanda Lamb, a singer/songwriter with type 1 diabetes. She was diagnosed at 15 months. I was 6. And yet diabetes is diabetes, so we found ourselves bonding over the trials and tribulations of growing up with type 1. We both hit rough patches as teens when the burden of staying healthy seemed too much to handle.

As we talked about getting sick, then getting tired of getting sick, about the constant evolution of becoming more mature about diabetes, I realized how undeniably cool this girl really is. At 19, Amanda is more poised and grown up than most teens. She's serious about her career, which means she's serious about her diabetes. I know from experience how critical good blood glucose control is to a successful music career, and it's encouraging to see this budding artist understand the interconnection between the two.

Something Amanda said has stuck with me. "When I talk to people after a show, I can't help but bring my diabetes up," she said. "I'm not embarrassed or ashamed of it." I spent part of my time on American Idol keeping quiet about my diabetes because I didn't want to be branded as different. I've since realized that diabetes is an aspect of my life, of who I am, and it's a big part of my career. To see Amanda so open and honest about her diabetes and so intent on spreading awareness, I can't help but root for the girl.

Crystal Bowersox is a singer/songwriter with type 1 diabetes whose sophomore album, All That for This, was released in March 2013.



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