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High-Fat Meals Raise Blood Glucose

For carb counters, the cheeseburger's bun gets all the attention, but a small study found that fats in the cheese and beef can affect blood glucose levels, too. Seven people with type 1 diabetes ate a high-fat meal on one day and a low-fat meal with the same amount of carbohydrate on another. Researchers monitored blood glucose levels and insulin administration by an artificial pancreas in the 18 hours following the meals. (An artificial pancreas is an experimental device that automatically delivers insulin based on glucose sensor technology.) The researchers found that the participants needed more insulin after the high-fat meal than after the low-fat one. Even with the extra insulin, blood glucose levels were higher after the fatty meal. The results suggest that fats may impair the body's ability to respond to insulin.
Source: Diabetes Care, published online Nov. 27, 2012



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