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6 Clutter-Busting Products

By Tracey Neithercott , ,

Keeping track of medical information-prescriptions, insurance explanation of benefits, and so on-can create a lot of clutter in your life. Chances are, you're going to need some help keeping it all organized. These six picks will whip your clutter into order.

Sabi Folio ($24.99) stores a week's worth of daytime and nighttime medications.

Container Store Folders

Separate medical expenses with colorful Letter-Size Hanging File Folders ($6.99 for six).

 Keep this Signature Pattern Three-Ring Binder ($24) separate for doctors' phone numbers and other emergency information.

 Streamline paper clutter by keeping all of your logs-diet, exercise, goals, and general health-in this Wellness Journal ($19.95).


Knock Knock's What to Eat Pad ($6.50) can help you keep tabs on what's for dinner and what you need to pick up at the grocery store. Temporarily house medical documents in See Jane Work's Paperboard Assorted Dots Letter Tray ($6.99).


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