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Can Tough Workouts Reduce Scar Tissue?

Richard Godfrey, a professor at Brunel University in England, had a heart attack in 2007, ending up with scar tissue covering 16 percent of his heart. Scar tissue from a heart attack increases the risk of heart failure down the road. In a study focusing solely on himself, Godfrey underwent a grueling exercise program consisting of high-intensity aerobic interval training three times a week. During each session, Godfrey worked about as hard as possible for one minute, then took it easy the next minute, six to 10 times in a row. Sixty weeks later, Godfrey had his heart scanned for scar tissue and found he’d reduced his heart scarring by half. He published the findings as a case report and says his experience should encourage other researchers to test the effects of interval training on heart function in future studies.
Source: BMJ Case Reports, Feb. 13, 2013


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