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Protein-Rich Breakfast Lasts All Day

Eating breakfast, especially a protein-packed meal, may help you feel satisfied for hours. Researchers asked 20 overweight or obese young women to skip breakfast, eat a high-protein (35 grams) breakfast, or eat a low-protein (13 grams) breakfast. Both breakfasts had 350 calories and similar amounts of fat, fiber, and sugar. The researchers tested participants' blood during the day and ran a brain scan right before dinner. The women who ate the high-protein breakfast reported being more full and satisfied after dinner. In those who ate protein-filled breakfasts, the area of the brain responsible for food cravings was less active before dinner, levels of a hunger-stimulating hormone were lower, and levels of a satisfaction-promoting hormone were higher. Note: People with decreased kidney function may need to limit protein.
Source: The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, April 2013


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