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Making Connections

By Kelly Rawlings, Editorial Director ,

I feel a strong link to some people I've never met in person. For example, John Dunn of Blackwood, N.J., reminds me why my upcoming eye exam is so important. Meet him HERE.

Halfway across the country in Chicago, Christina "Kiki" Rodríguez hosts a Spanish-language Internet radio show about diabetes. I did get to meet her fellow host, Beatriz Domínguez, at a diabetes conference. Say ¡hola! to Beatriz and Kiki HERE.

A Chat With "Super Sam"

Watch the American Diabetes Association's Twitter feed to join in a live chat with "Super Sam" Fuld of the Tampa Bay Rays, our March 2013 cover star. Sam lives with type 1 diabetes. Follow @AmDiabetesAssn and @SamFuld5, and tune in to the hashtag #SuperSamChat, July 10 at 2 p.m. EDT.

In Washington, D.C., Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor heads to work with supplies that will be familiar to you: a meter, glucose tablets, and insulin. We chatted by phone about that and other details of her life with diabetes, which she shares HERE.

Click HERE to see people succeeding in other challenging careers. Read about your job rights and how the American Diabetes Association continues to champion fairness in the workplace for people living with diabetes.

I find it reassuring to know that these folks are going about their days, taking care of themselves, and living life to the fullest. They shoulder the responsibility of diabetes and don't let it dash their dreams. And seeing that does us all good.

You'll meet many more new friends in this issue. Let's stay connected. It's always a pleasure to receive your letters and e-mails, and to chat with you on social media (below).

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