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Meters That Have a Backlight

Consumer Guide Charts

Bright Lights

These meters come with a backlight.
Accu-Check Aviva Combo

Contour Next Link

Contour USB

EasyGluco Plus

EasyMax Light

Fora G31a/b

Fora G90

Fora GD40a/b

Fortis Care EM15
Fortis Care EMMU

FreeStyle InsuLinx

FreeStyle Lite

OneTouch Ping

OneTouch Ultra2

OneTouch UltraSmart

OneTouch VerioIQ

Precision Xtra

ReliOn Ultima
Rightest GM550

Telcare BGM

Test N' Go

Up & Up Meter

Up & Up Premium

WaveSense Jazz

WaveSense Presto

WaveSense PrestoPro