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Losing Weight Eases Pain in Knees


Osteoarthritis in the knee, a loss of protective cartilage, is a common cause of disability, but a study found that losing weight through a combination of diet and exercise can reduce knee pain and improve function. The study included 454 overweight and obese people with painful knee osteoarthritis, who were placed into one of three weight-loss programs: diet alone, diet plus exercise, and exercise alone. After 18 months, participants in the diet-plus-exercise group lost 11.4 percent of their body weight on average, compared with 9.5 percent in the diet group and 2 percent in the exercise group. The diet-and-exercise regimen also reduced inflammation, diminished pain, and improved knee function better than the other weight-loss approaches.
Source: The Journal of the American Medical Association, published online Sept. 24, 2013



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