Diabetes Forecast

Most Type 1s Don't Hit Glucose Targets


Research news from the American Diabetes Association 72nd Scientific Sessions
June 8–12, 2012 | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

A group of over 20,000 people with type 1 diabetes volunteered to share their health data with researchers as part of the T1D Exchange Clinic Registry. An analysis showed that most type 1s do not meet blood glucose targets; the average A1C (average blood glucose over the previous two to three months) in people under age 26 was well over 8 percent, while people over 50 had an average A1C of 7.6 percent. (The target for most people is under 7 percent.) People in the registry who tested blood glucose four or more times a day, used a continuous glucose monitor, or used an insulin pump tended to have better blood glucose control than others.



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