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People to Know: Chelcie Rice

By Bill Kirchenbauer and Brad Slaight ,

If laughter is the best medicine, then stand-up comedian Chelcie Rice is a doctor with an unlimited prescription pad. We first met Chelcie, who has type 1 diabetes, a couple of years ago, not at a comedy club but online. We quickly became fans of his contagious wit and appreciated the support he showed to others in the diabetes online community. We were glad to befriend a colleague we could relate to, not only because we were all comedians but also because we were all comedians with diabetes. Being able to laugh about all the things the Big D throws your way is a gift and one that Chelcie has in abundance.

Diabetes advocacy comes in many forms, and there is an ever-growing army of diabetes advocates who work hard to educate and spread awareness in their own way. For some it's a blog. For Chelcie, it's getting the word out, busting myths, and spreading diabetes awareness using his comedic talents. Armed with a quick wit and an entertaining point of view, Chelcie Rice is truly a success story. Audiences applaud his winning performances, and we applaud his mission.

Bill Kirchenbauer and Brad Slaight are actor/comedians with type 2 and type 1 diabetes, respectively. Together they make up Captain Glucose and Meter Boy and blog at DiabetesDuo.com. Find out about Chelcie Rice's upcoming shows by following @ChelcieRice on Twitter.



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