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Safe Travels

By Kelly Rawlings, Editorial Director ,

I come from a long line of tall people who have to contort themselves to fit into airplane seats. During a recent flight, I sat next to a handsome golden retriever seizure service dog and his human companion. The canine caregiver patiently napped under the seat in front, like an oversize, furry carry-on bag. He used my foot as a pillow, and we were both OK with that.

While the flight attendant asked passengers to turn off electronic devices, I checked my continuous glucose monitor (CGM). The Air Carrier Access Act protected all the passengers in my row from discrimination by airlines—you have the right to use your electronic medical devices during takeoff and landing. You may, however, need to educate airline staff who are not familiar with pumps and CGMs and mistake them for cell phones (been there, done that). I am grateful that the American Diabetes Association has played a major role in advocating against discrimination in airports, on airplanes, and everywhere else for all people with diabetes. Before your next journey, click here for more need-to-knows about traveling with diabetes.

Goals Update
How'd you do on your diabetes goal(s) for April? I scheduled a dentist appointment and managed to do more glucose checks at bedtime. Score!

I'm brushing up on my travel rights because I'll head to Philadelphia June 8 to 12 for the world's premier diabetes research and clinical practice event, the American Diabetes Association Scientific Sessions®. Stay tuned for announcements about advances in diabetes research and care.

There's one other place on my travel bucket list: an ADA Diabetes Camp. I went to a weeklong camp at age 9, enticed by the promise of horseback riding. Every kid in the mess hall calmly took an insulin shot before breakfast. I was not alone! The ADA strives to make camp affordable; "camperships" are available for kids, based on financial need. And adults can enjoy all the noisy, sweaty, mosquito-y goodness, too, as volunteers—click here and here for campfire tales.

Here's to a happy, healthy summer for you and your loved ones, at home and on the road.

Kelly Rawlings, PWD type 1



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