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A Kidney-Friendly Eating Plan

Here’s a sample day of a kidney-friendly eating plan.

1/2 cup low-calorie cranberry-apple juice
1/2 cup cooked yellow grits
1/4 cup egg substitute scrambled with 1 Tbsp. each chopped onions and green peppers, cooked with 2 tsp. soft tub margarine in a nonstick pan
1 1- to 2.5-inch plain mini bagel with 2 tsp. soft tub margarine and 1 tsp. sugar-free strawberry spread
1/2 cup fresh pineapple chunks
1/2 cup brewed decaf coffee with 1 Tbsp. nondairy creamer and sugar substitute

12 fresh grapes

3 oz. grilled chicken breast on a kaiser roll with a large lettuce leaf and 2 tsp. mayonnaise
1/2 cup coleslaw
6 lower-fat vanilla wafers
1 cup fresh-brewed iced tea with fresh lemon and sugar substitute

1 fresh medium-sized apple

4 oz. baked or broiled fish such as flounder with fresh lemon and dill
2 tsp. tartar sauce
1/2 cup cooked white rice
1/2 cup sliced carrots cooked in 2 tsp. soft tub margarine
1 salad with 1/4 cup Bibb lettuce, 3 small radishes, and 2 Tbsp. chopped cucumber with 2 tsp. extra-virgin olive oil and 1/2 tsp. balsamic vinegar
1 small slice angel food cake with 1/4 cup sliced fresh strawberries and 2 Tbsp. nondairy whipped topping
1 cup sugar-free lemonade

3 graham cracker squares with 2 tsp. cream cheese

Nutrition Facts for the Day’s Menu: Fat exchanges 11, Starch exchanges 6, Lean meat exchanges 8, Fruit exchanges 3.5, Carbohydrate exchanges 3, Vegetable exchanges 3, Calories 1,820, Calories from Fat 640, Total Fat 71 g (Saturated Fat 14.7 g, Trans Fat 1.8 g), Cholesterol 185 mg, Sodium 1,650 mg, Potassium 2,180 mg, Total Carbohydrate 218 g (Dietary Fiber 15 g, Sugars 72 g), Protein 82 g, Phosphorus 1,030 mg, Calcium 400 mg

Created by Sharon Schatz, MS, RD, CSR, CDE, a certified diabetes educator and expert in renal nutrition who works at a dialysis center in Lumberton, N.J.



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