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Study: Do Weights First, Then Aerobics

It's the age-old question: hit the weight room first or the treadmill? For people with type 1 diabetes, that decision may affect their risk for going low after exercising. Researchers monitored blood glucose levels in 12 study participants during and after a 90-minute workout, starting with either 45 minutes of aerobic exercise and then switching to resistance training or the other way around. Participants who ran on a treadmill before weight-lifting experienced a steep decline in blood glucose during that session and then continued to trend low, spending an average of 105 minutes under 63 mg/dl overnight. Those who lifted weights first didn't dip as low, needed to eat fewer grams of carbohydrate to maintain blood glucose levels during exercise, and spent only 48 minutes low overnight.
Source: Diabetes Care, published online Feb. 28, 2012

Safety note: Check with your health care provider before making big changes in your exercise plan, which could require adjustments in your meds, foods, or other treatment.



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