Diabetes Forecast

A New Look for Diabetes Forecast

The American Diabetes Association's Healthy Living Magazine has a fresh new appearance

By Kelly Rawlings, Editorial Director, PWD type 1 ,

You'll still recognize Diabetes Forecast magazine as a favorite friend—one that's sporting an attractive makeover, however. With the June 2012 issue, the American Diabetes Association introduces a new and improved Diabetes Forecast.

The magazine's new logo sharpens the focus on living well with diabetes (while we work together to deliver a cure). Diabetes Forecast is available monthly by subscription, and now you can also find copies at Barnes & Noble booksellers and CVS/pharmacy stores.

Below is a mix of links. Some will enable you to download a PDF of the redesigned pages you can print or e-mail to friends, and others will direct you to the online versions of the articles.

Reader's Guide
The all-new Diabetes Forecast magazine features five sections:

1. Community: In the front of the magazine, chat with and learn from other readers and experts, who share tips and encouragement. And meet the members of our new Reader Panel, who reflect the diverse diabetes community and help us ensure the magazine is relevant to your life. We'd love to hear from you at replyall@diabetes.org. Your letters may appear in a future issue.

2. Discovery—Research and News in Brief: Cutting edge? To the point? Yes and yes. Our science writers present the most interesting and helpful news items (a download you can print, if desired) about diabetes research, treatments, and new products.

3. Your Health: Articles in this section focus on keys to successful diabetes management: coping (a download you can print, if desired), medications, monitoring, fitness, problem solving, and more. In the July issue, look for Caregiving, a new department especially for the people who help us feel our best.

4. Your Food: Enjoy nutrition information and delicious recipes (with calories, carbs, and more counted for you—including sodium, potassium, and phosphorus for people eating for kidney health). We explore the best of Italian, Mexican, and Chinese cuisines (a download you can print, if desired) in the June issue. Click here for the online version.

5. Your ADA: Here is information about all the activities, programs, research (a download you can print, if desired), and advocacy that the American Diabetes Association accomplishes with the help of thousands and thousands of volunteers across the country.

And those are just are the monthly departments! Each issue brings feature stories that inform, inspire, and explain life with diabetes. In the June issue, for example, check out "The Parent's Guide to Diabetes" (a download you can print, if desired) for family members of children recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Click here for the online version. See how celebrity chef Art Smith (a download you can print, if desired) deals with type 2 diabetes through smart eating and regular exercise—and check out his playlist for your own 30 minutes of physical activity. Click here for the online version.

Read with confidence! Articles are reviewed by our advisory board of health care professionals and by our reader panelists. To ensure you benefit from every issue, subscribe to Diabetes Forecast. Your subscription also makes you a member of the American Diabetes Association.

The Mission
People with diabetes can live amazing, wonderful lives despite the very serious challenges of this condition. But we can't do so without help—education, emotional support, and positive reinforcement for the decisions we have to make each day about taking care of ourselves and of one another. Diabetes Forecast provides that help and encouragement.

Your Turn
Please let us know your thoughts about the new look of Diabetes Forecast. We're listening, in the Comments box below and at replyall@diabetes.org.



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