Diabetes Forecast

Make New Friends, but Keep the Old

By M. Sue Kirkman, MD ,

Does anyone ever read magazine mastheads? I must admit that I rarely do, but those of you who literally do read Diabetes Forecast cover to cover might have noticed two recent changes to our internal editorial team: Sara Sklaroff's name dropped off the top of the masthead a couple of issues ago, and this month we have a new editorial director at the head of the ticket: Kelly Rawlings.

Sara came on staff at the American Diabetes Association only a few months after I did in 2007. Before her arrival, Diabetes Forecast was a great magazine, but a little . . . shall we say "stodgy"? Sara had a vision for an even greater magazine. She worked with her team to make Diabetes Forecast more beautiful and to enhance coverage of food, fitness, and other healthy living topics, while not losing the magazine's tradition of being based in the science of diabetes. Sara's own life with type 2 diabetes for the past decade allowed her to speak to readers in a very personal way in her monthly Forethought column.

Kelly Rawlings,
Editorial Director
"Hello, new friends! Seeing the energy and action that the American Diabetes Association devotes to improving treatments, helping us to live full lives, and, of course, finding cures is truly inspiring. I'll enjoy sharing more with you in these pages and in Diabetes Forecast issues to come."

It was a sad day for me, for the rest of the Forecast team, and for the American Diabetes Association when Sara announced that she was leaving us to spend more time with her family and focus on other creative work. I'm grateful that Sara will continue to be involved with the Association on various projects.

I'm also astounded at our good fortune in having Kelly Rawlings step into the gaping hole left by Sara's resignation. Kelly comes to us from Diabetic Living magazine, where she had been editorial manager at the Better Homes and Gardens publication for four years. While we were recruiting Kelly, she told me that she loved the idea of piloting a diabetes magazine that was firmly grounded in and surrounded by the larger mission of the American Diabetes Association. Kelly has lived with type 1 diabetes since childhood, providing her a special perspective on the diabetes community.

While I have the soapbox, I also want to lift up Jim Bock and the rest of the Forecast team for quickly drying their tears at Sara's resignation (OK, Jim didn't cry that I know of) and getting back to work to keep the magazine in top-notch form during the months between editorial directors.

What does the future hold for Diabetes Forecast? I have no doubt that Kelly has the skills and vision to make the magazine even better. I also hope that you, our wonderfully vocal readers, will continue to let us know what you like (or don't like). Thanks, Sara—and welcome, Kelly!



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