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"Fast and Flavorful" Diabetes Cookbook

Save time with this recipe collection's full menus

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Dinner made simple is cook and author Linda Gassenheimer's goal with Fast and Flavorful: Great Diabetes Meals from Market to Table, the newest cookbook published by the American Diabetes Association.

The recipes in Fast and Flavorful are grouped together as full menus, to help at-home cooks make meal planning a breeze. Each menu includes a shopping list, so that you'll have everything you need once you get back to your kitchen. A countdown streamlines the steps in the cooking process for each meal. By using high-quality ingredients and a little know-how, Gassenheimer says, healthy meals that meet ADA dietary guidelines can be delicious—think Southwestern honey-glazed pork, simple pastas, and Indian spiced chicken. Gassenheimer is generous with time-saving tips, too.

Suggestions on how to build a pantry of ingredients that can be used in a variety of meals make this book distinct. "Many of us want to have quick and easy meals, but [we] want them to be diabetes correct," Gassenheimer says. "I've said, 'Let the supermarket help you.' I find that if people have the ingredients at home, they'll cook." Gassenheimer is also author of the ADA's Mix 'n' Match Meals in Minutes for People with Diabetes, writes the syndicated newspaper column "Dinner in Minutes," and hosts "Food News and Views" on National Public Radio.



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