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What's on Your (License) Plate?

It's a great vehicle for diabetes messages


Guess the diabetes connection on
Eileen Clarke’s
mystery license plate (above).
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Want to put diabetes on the radar of hundreds or thousands of people every day? You probably have the ideal vehicle for doing so: It’s visible, it’s mobile, and its pithy message makes a 140-character tweet look as long-winded as a Russian novel. It’s your car license plate, of course.

Eileen Clarke, RN, an active American Diabetes Association volunteer who lives in Middlebury, Conn., has no less than four vehicles in her family with diabetes messages (left).

And Kelley Crumpler, RN, CDE, of College Station, Texas, sent us the photo at top right of her license plate. “I have had type 1 for almost 20 years and have been a pumper for seven of those,” she says. “I am married to my endocrinologist, and he too has type 1 and wears a pump. We own a private practice and consider ourselves ‘pump gurus.’ ”

Do you have a diabetes-themed license plate? Please send a note and a photo to forecasteditor@diabetes.org, with your name, city, and state. Or if you come up with a clever diabetes message in six to eight characters for others who may choose to cruise with it, send us that, too.

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Check with your state motor vehicle agency to see whether it has a group recognition license plate program. You could raise awareness and support the American Diabetes Association and its Stop Diabetes® movement.



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