Diabetes Forecast

A New Beginning

By Sara Sklaroff ,

I am a magazine person. I like shuffling through the glossy (or matte) pages, studying the layouts, gazing at the photography. I like the short bits and pie charts as well as the long, put-up-your-feet-and-stay-awhile feature stories. I subscribe to many publications and frequently pick up others on a whim, not all of them in languages I can actually read. And I am not good at throwing them out. Under spousal duress, I recently dumped most of my New Yorker trove into the recycling bin, but I still have a considerable Martha Stewart Living archive in the basement that I refuse to part with. Yes, I know it's all online, but to me, there is still something better about print. It sticks in my head more easily.

My love for magazines is not merely aesthetic, however. I feel strongly that the best magazines can help readers improve their lives. That's why I came to work at Diabetes Forecast. People with diabetes deserve a great magazine, and a lot of the complicated information we need to manage this disease can best be communicated in the magazine format.

For the past four years, I and my team of editors and writers have set out to make a lifestyle magazine for which the lifestyle happens to be living well with diabetes. Frankly, it's been a blast, and there's plenty more fun to be had, but for now, I am leaving the party. While this wasn't an easy decision to make, it will allow me to spend more time with my daughter and concentrate on other creative projects.

I know that what I will miss most about the job are the people: the talented staff of the magazine, of course, but also its extraordinary readers. Of all the publications I've worked at, Forecast has the most devoted—and vocal!—audience. I love that you aren't shy about telling us when we've done something wrong, and I am so grateful that you also let us know when we've done something you like.

Luckily, I will still be involved in Forecast, as editor at large. After all, I'm not just a magazine person. I'm a Diabetes Forecast person.



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