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Gift of Hope Items for Sale

Holiday shopping raises funds for diabetes research

Magnetic Pet Bowls & Tray Set (Dog)

As the holiday shopping season approaches, the American Diabetes Association's Gift of Hope catalog offers special gifts for your family members, friends and pets. Holiday greeting cards, ornaments, kitchen essentials, men’s tools, pet food bowls and other items are offered in this year’s catalog. All proceeds go toward funding diabetes research, advocacy and education.

Gift of Hope started in 1971 as a small fundraiser organized by parents of children with diabetes. Since then, it has grown into an Association program that has raised more than $24 million. 

Each year, artists are selected through an annual search to design the Gift of Hope greeting cards, so no two years are alike. To see this year's unique offerings, visit shopdiabetes.org and click on the Gift of Hope logo, or call 1-855-575-0565 to request a catalog.



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