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ADA Expands Its Online Meal-Planning Info

Searching for new menu inspiration? Bored with the same old recipes? A new American Diabetes Association webpage aims to alleviate the kitchen blahs and simplify cooking and eating with diabetes.

MyFoodAdvisor: Recipes for Healthy Living is an online "recipe club" that features tasty eating ideas from ADA cookbooks and the Association's diabetes.org site. Each recipe includes nutrition facts, and the site features tips on how to reduce calorie and carbohydrate intake.

What's more, says Cassandra Rico, MPH, RD, associate director of medical affairs and health outcomes for the ADA and one of the site's creators, it helps people put together entire meals. "It's more than recipes," she says. "We're trying to show you how everything can come together. It might be easier than you think."

Association members and visitors to diabetes.org frequently ask for more nutrition information and meal-planning advice than the ADA now provides, Rico says. The new site will offer much more, all in one spot.

While the site won't be able to provide a personalized meal plan for everyone who logs on, it will be a basis for creating menus that work for people with diabetes and anyone in search of healthy ways to eat. With recipes, one-day meal plans, on-the-go tips for snacking, and how-to videos, the site will feature fresh content and different themes every month, so visitors will find something new, Rico adds.

The site's creators hope that MyFoodAdvisor: Recipes for Healthy Living will set examples and spark ideas for its users. The site is free to use. You can register and log in at diabetes.org/rfhl.



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