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Diabetes Stops Here is a blog by the American Diabetes Association's Dayle Kern. It covers issues of interest to people with diabetes, news from the ADA, and Kern's life with type 1. Here are excerpts from recent posts, along with reader comments. There's much more at diabetesstopshere.org.

A Young Artist

From a Q&A with Katie Ervin, 12, who designed a necklace for ADA's Gift of Hope program:
Q: I spent a year seeing this necklace before I realized that the center circle is an insulin pump "O" ring. Very impressive and very subtle! What inspired you to do this?
A: The "O" ring is my way to include myself in my necklace, like it's a piece of me. It's a very important part of the necklace; it is part of what keeps me alive.

Katie Mellon comments: This was so inspiring. I would have never thought to do something like that with my diabetes.

Mommy, When Will Diabetes Be Over?

From Adriana, whose adult daughter lost her sight to diabetes complications: It's been two years now that she is legally blind. . . . For us parents it's something that you just can't describe how your heart aches every time you see her because it's a constant reminder of everything she's been through. But out of all the negative things that diabetes brings, let me tell you that two years ago after she lost her sight she married a wonderful man—he loves her deeply and encourages her every day—and she is expecting a baby boy by March 2011. My daughter Cindy is an inspiration for a lot of people and for me she is my hero.

Damisha knows that "what am I supposed to do now?" feeling: Mekhi was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 5. I cried, why my child? I didn't have any knowledge about the disease and what am I supposed to do now?When Mekhi looks up at me and says, "Mommy, when will diabetes be over?" what can you say?

Wish List

A post about make-believe inventions to make diabetes just a little easier:
Test Strip Target Vacuum Cleaner: Yes, please. I want a vacuum cleaner specifically designed to seek out those rogue test strips that end up on the floor, in the sofa cushions, behind the bookshelf, and all around my cubical at work. Seriously–I think I spotted one in my parking garage yesterday, too.
Grape-Be-Gone Flavor Transformer (for treating low blood glucose): Sometimes I treat low blood glucose with juice or fruit-flavored candy, but I can't stand the grape-flavored stuff. I'd like some sort of flavor changer that detects grape-flavored items and transforms them into something more palatable.

JB comments: How about ringtones for pumps? Car dashboard testing equipment?



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