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November: Time to Talk About Diabetes Prevention

By Kelly Toves ,

November is American Diabetes Month, and the American Diabetes Association is stressing the seriousness of the disease and offering tips for its prevention and control. To mark the one-year anniversary of its Stop Diabetes movement this month, ADA is sponsoring a video contest that asks people to share their reasons for stopping the disease.

Assessing your own risk for developing diabetes is an important part of prevention. Nearly 24 million Americans have diabetes, and 57 million have prediabetes—higher than normal blood glucose levels that put them at risk for developing type 2 diabetes. ADA's Diabetes Risk Test helps users determine their chances of developing the disease. The recently revised test assesses users' risk for diabetes or prediabetes, directs them to more information on the ADA website, highlights helpful tips, and suggests further consultation with a doctor. The test was adapted from a study published in the ADA journal Diabetes Care.

You can also learn more about your risks for diabetes by knowing your family's health history. The National Diabetes Education Program (NDEP) is encouraging people to talk to their relatives this holiday season. A family history of type 2 diabetes increases your risk for developing the disease, too. Your doctor can help you make changes in what you eat and how much you exercise to stave off or delay the development of type 2.

4 Questions

The National Diabetes Education Program suggests asking your relatives these questions:
1. Does anyone in the family have type 2 diabetes?
2. Has anyone in the family been told he or she might get diabetes?
3. Has anyone in the family been told to lose weight or increase physical activity to prevent type 2 diabetes?
4. Did your mother get diabetes when she was pregnant?



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