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Consumer Guide 2010

Understanding your options


Shopping for diabetes products isn't as straightforward as you might imagine. Within the past few decades, the number of blood glucose meters alone has multiplied, while the devices have gotten smaller and smarter. Today, there are dozens of meters that calculate blood glucose levels, store hundreds of past tests, chart trends, sound alarms, speak—and pretty much do everything but brew a cup of coffee in the morning. When you add in the insulin pumps, insulin pens, continuous glucose monitors (CGMs), and the range of other products available for managing diabetes, it's easy to get overwhelmed by the number of options.

We're here to help. Diabetes Forecast editors have done the research and grilled the experts to find out which features make the biggest difference to your diabetes management. Our new consumer guide will give you a feel for what's on the market and help you compare similar products.

4 Steps to Picking the Best Diabetes Products

Diabetes Products on the Horizon

Blood Glucose Meters

Continuous Glucose Monitors

Insulin Pumps and Infusion Sets

Insulin Pens

Products for Treating Lows

Aids for Insulin Users

Insulins and Other Diabetes Medications Available in the United States



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