Diabetes Forecast

Talking the Truth

By Sara Sklaroff, Editorial Director ,

Each month, I'm amazed by the generosity of readers who write us to share their experiences of life with diabetes. This has been a feature of Diabetes Forecast since its beginning more than 60 years ago. Long before online forums and chat rooms, people with diabetes met in the pages of this magazine. By telling their stories, detailing their struggles and successes, they have allowed the rest of us to say "I'm not alone."

Readers often teach us a thing or two to boot. Jane Rimer recently wrote to pass along a tip she had learned from her endocrinologist: "He calls HDL the 'healthy' cholesterol (rather than 'good') and LDL the 'lousy' cholesterol (rather than 'bad')". (Read the entire Mail Call section here.) As someone who has trouble keeping the two straight, I was thankful for this clever mnemonic device.

Other letters just make us smile. Gemma Rettmann got in touch from Eugene, Ore., with a photograph of herself checking her blood glucose on horseback! Click here to read the article and see the picture.

Talking about your personal health isn't just beneficial for other people; it can be lifesaving for you, too. That's what we learned when Associate Editor Tracey Neithercott delved into heretofore uncharted territory with her story "Don't Duck the Yuck". You may not want to discuss things like impotence or bad breath, but doing so could be crucial to your well-being.

No one wants to talk about diabetes all the time, not even those of us whose job it is to do so. But making the effort to put your experience into words—whether in a letter to this magazine, or just in conversation with a good friend or doctor—can do you a world of good.



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