Diabetes Forecast

In Challenging Times


Life gets complicated. Family, financial, and other health concerns can be overwhelming. Sometimes there's little time or energy left to devote to your diabetes. But while you may not be able to do everything you usually do to keep your diabetes in control when other things take priority, you can usually make it through the rough spots by simply staying the course. Monitor your blood glucose frequently enough to stay safe. Remember that there are always ups and downs, and that those may become more frequent during times of stress. Beware of "stress eating" and those comfort foods that can lead to high glucose levels and weight gain. Keep your doctor's appointments so you can stay on track with screening for complications and other health maintenance items.

Be careful to keep your medication prescriptions up to date and to have an adequate supply of meds on hand. Stay on your medication schedule by using a pill organizer or, if you're fond of technology, enlist your computer or smart phone to build a reminder system so you can keep taking your meds on schedule when life gets hectic. Job, insurance, and financial challenges can make medications difficult to afford, but you shouldn't have to go without. Most pharmaceutical companies have patient assistance programs based on financial need. Plus, you may be able to convert some of your brand-name medications to less expensive generics. Your doctor may be able to work with you to design a more economical treatment plan.

Most important, know when to ask for help before things get out of control. Talk to your doctor or diabetes educator or to a trusted friend or family member. Sometimes it helps just to talk about the challenges you're facing with a concerned listener. Your care providers can also help you prioritize your efforts. They can look at your blood glucose records, review your health history, and pinpoint areas that need special attention and that shouldn't fall through the cracks. They can also reassure you about some of your concerns, which may turn out to be smaller problems than you thought. That should give you peace of mind and allow you to focus on what's most important.

Challenging times can teach us some inspiring things about who we are and what we're able to do with the help of our faith, our friends, and the wide range of resources available in the diabetes care community. You don't have to go it alone.



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