Diabetes Forecast

The Basics of Managing Your Diabetes


Diabetes, it turns out, is as much a lifestyle as it is a disease. Think back to when you were first diagnosed: In addition to the new medications and tests and doctor's visits, you suddenly needed to change the way you live, at least in some aspects and perhaps in many. This happens whether you're type 1 or type 2, male or female, young, old, or in between. Diabetes and its attending conditions can affect the way you eat, exercise, work, travel—even sleep.

Here are tools for living the diabetes lifestyle as easily as possible:

Inside Diabetes: A Visual Guide

Meal Planning Made Simple

A User's Guide to Insulin

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Keep track of your health! Just print and fill out these handy charts:

Worksheet: Tracking Your Medical Stats

Worksheet: A Day in the Life of Your Diabetes

Worksheet: Blood Glucose Journal

Worksheet: Medication Log

Worksheet: Food Diary



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