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The cost of diabetes medications can vary—a lot. Researchers from Mount Sinai School of Medicine looked at prices of the 10 most-prescribed medications for people with diabetes, who take an average of 8.9 meds per day. Shopping at chain discount stores or Internet-based companies offers savings over the local drug store, they concluded, but the same order of prescription drugs cost almost 50 percent more at the highest-priced chain compared with the least expensive source. (Keep in mind that using a single pharmacy may make it easier for you and your doctor to keep track of your medications.) The study didn’t include shipping costs, which can range from only a few dollars to $20 for meds that need refrigeration.

Total cost of a 30-day supply of the 10 most-prescribed medications for people with diabetes

Medco by Mail (excluding shipping) $428.35
Wal-Mart $432.53
Kmart $483.92
Drugstore.com (excluding shipping) $501.65
Target $505.95
CVS $584.44
Duane Reade $633.11
Eckerd $637.77
Walgreens $638.31
Rite Aid $641.90









Source: Mount Sinai School of Medicine; presented at the American Diabetes Association’s Scientific Sessions in June



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