Diabetes Forecast

Just Because

By Sara Sklaroff, Editorial Director ,

There's a rule I keep in mind while editing this magazine. In its generic form it goes like this: "Just because you have diabetes doesn't mean you have to suffer." That certainly applies to the medical management of diabetes. Modern science now prevents much of the suffering that the disease once caused.

But the Just Because rule actually applies more broadly than that. Take this month's feature about on-the-go lunches. Its premise is that you don't have to eat boring food "just because you're tethered to a desk." Yes, you have diabetes, and yes, you need to eat healthfully. But that doesn't commit you to a lifetime of wilted lettuce and diet soda.

Sometimes, when it comes to diabetes and other chronic conditions, we diminish our expectations. For example, an endocrinologist once pointed out to me that the old glucose meter I was using required me to milk an enormous drop of blood out of my fingertip each time I tested. I could have been using a newer model that needed only a tiny drop, but it never occurred to me to expect something better.

This type of thinking is reinforced by uninformed people who want to police your diabetes. You've probably encountered them: the folks who tell you that you can't, say, have a bite of chocolate, because you have diabetes. That kind of diminished expectation is also probably reinforced by the sense of guilt or shame that some of us have about our illness, as though we don't deserve nice or even normal things.

That's a pity because, if anything, people with diabetes need life to be a little brighter, food to be a little yummier—and things to be a little easier. It's our hope that Diabetes Forecast helps make that possible.



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