Diabetes Forecast

Paying for It

By Sara Sklaroff, Editorial Director ,

This month's cover story takes on a subject that we've been talking about a lot in our editorial meetings, and chances are it's been on your mind, too. Between the current state of the economy and the reform legislation making its way through Congress as I write, paying for health care is very much in the news at the moment.

For people with diabetes, though, there's nothing new about the struggle over paying to stay healthy. It's estimated that, on average, we pay hundreds of dollars more a year in health care costs than do people without diabetes. And in the current system, holding on to private health care coverage when you have a chronic condition like diabetes can be a challenge. (It's the great irony of our system that the people who need medical care most are the least likely to be able to get it.) Even with good insurance, you've probably experienced a keen sense of sticker shock at the pharmacy counter—I know I have. This is even more frustrating when you think of how much work you're already doing to manage your diabetes. Is it really necessary to pile on financial stress, in addition to everything else?

That's why we asked Associate Editor Tracey Neithercott to figure out the best ways to save money now on health care. Did you know, for example, about all the free health classes offered at local hospitals? Had you heard about the new diabetes programs some health care plans are starting? And have you figured out the best way to use a flexible spending account? Click here and here for tips on these and more.

Undoubtedly, there are some money-saving ideas we've missed. If you have any, we hope you'll let us know by e-mailing forecasteditor@diabetes.org or writing to us at Diabetes Forecast, 2451 Crystal Drive, Suite 900, Arlington, VA 22202. We'll share the best ones with your fellow readers—and we promise to keep reporting on this important subject in the months to come.



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