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Urinary Incontinence and Type 2 Diabetes

It may be a hush-hush topic, but a recent study suggests that urinary incontinence is all too common in women with type 2 diabetes. Researchers who studied data on nearly 3,000 overweight women with type 2 diabetes found that they experienced at least weekly incontinence—the involuntary leakage of urine when laughing or coughing or a sudden and strong urge to urinate that can often lead to accidents—more often than retinopathy, neuropathy, or microalbuminuria, a precursor to kidney disease. While microvascular damage (the cause of retinopathy and neuropathy) is believed to play a role in urinary incontinence for people with diabetes, this study suggests that obesity—in particular, abdominal fat—may be a factor, too. Other studies have shown that incontinence is far more common in women with type 2 than in women without diabetes.
Source: Diabetes Care, published online June 1, 2009



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