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Diabetes Design Challenge Winners

By Tracey Neithercott ,

When Amy Tenderich became frustrated with the ugly, clunky construction of diabetes tools, she took matters into her own hands. Using her blog, Diabetes Mine, as a forum for both kids and adults itching to design the next great diabetes device, Tenderich launched the Diabetes Mine Design Challenge in 2008.

This year, the Design Challenge brought in 150 entries from college students, engineers, entrepreneurs, and wannabe designers who all bid to win $10,000, provided by the nonprofit California HealthCare Foundation. (The winner of the Kids category got a cool $2,000.)

Tenderich revealed the winners today—three smart, creative, and innovative product ideas that aim to make life with diabetes easier.

The winning Adult entry, designed by Northwestern University graduate students Eric Schickli and Samantha Katz, uses an iPhone to integrate blood glucose monitoring, a lancet, test strips, and data log.

The winner of the Kids category, 13-year-old Griffin Bonner, who has type 1 diabetes, designed a retractable device that would keep insulin pump tubing from bunching and tangling.

The Design for America team—a group of students from Northwestern University—won the Most Creative category with Jerry the Bear. The interactive toy helps children with diabetes learn basics like taking insulin and monitoring blood glucose, as well as teaching them how food affects blood glucose levels.

Check out the entry videos of all three winning entries here.



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