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Smiths Medical Drops Cozmo Pump

By Katie Bunker ,

March 26 — Smiths Medical has announced it will stop selling the Deltec Cozmo insulin pump as a first step in getting out of the diabetes business.

The company advised people already using the Cozmo insulin pump to check their warranty. Smiths Medical will continue to provide pump cartridges and infusion sets, as well as technical support, for the duration of the pumps' warranties. Users should consult with their health care provider to choose a different manufacturer and model when the pumps' warranties are up.

Staying competitive in the diabetes market is a costly proposition for Smiths Medical, the company said in a press release. "The diabetes business has little synergy with the rest of Smiths Medical's businesses," it says. The company cited the fast-paced changes in technology and the dominance of the market by Medtronic and Johnson & Johnson as key factors in its decision.

For more information, visit www.DeltecCozmoUpdate.com or call 1-800-826-9703.



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