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Diabetes Comes to the iPhone

By Tracey Neithercott ,

MARCH 20 - LifeScan, maker of the OneTouch blood glucose meter system, has unveiled an application that would allow for blood glucose management on the Apple iPhone. While the new program is still in development, the manufacturer previewed a prototype this week during a conference on the next version of the phone, due in stores this summer.

The application will allow a LifeScan meter to send glucose readings to the iPhone—wirelessly via Bluetooth technology or using a connector. From there, the user can comment on a reading (for instance, you might note for later review that your reading of 80 was due to an intense workout), log or graph past glucose levels, and send readings to a parent or health care provider. The phone's application will also allow users to estimate insulin needs as well as build a meal and count carbohydrates by thumbing through a food list. (To watch LifeScan's full presentation, click here and fast-forward to the 43-minute, 26-second mark.)

Buying the application wouldn't mean you could ditch your meter. You would still need it to actually test your blood and compute the result. But the new application will make the most of the iPhone's easy-to-use design. Case in point: The full-color graph of glucose levels displays horizontally, clearly shows when a reading is out of the target range, and allows the user to view notes with a single finger tap.

LifeScan hasn't said when the product will be available, which meters it works with, or how much it will cost.



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