Diabetes Forecast

Past, Present, Future

By Sara Sklaroff, Editorial Director ,

Last year, we were thinking a lot about the past. For the 60th anniversary of Diabetes Forecast, some of our staffers spent days combing through back issues of the magazine. It was amazing to see, in those yellowed pages, the evolution of modern health management, the positive changes in the relationship between doctors and patients, and the scientific and technological marvels we are lucky to say we now take for granted.

But what about the future of diabetes? In particular, how do you think about the future of your own experience with the disease?

The start of a new year is a convenient time to assess how things are going. Is everything as it should be, or do you need to take steps to reassert control after December's excesses? Do your daily routines help or hinder your management plan? Are you just plain bored with this darn diabetes and therefore at risk of "disease fatigue"? Without focusing on what went wrong--if anything has--here's your chance to set things right for 2009.

First, take a moment to consider how lucky you are. Perhaps uniquely among chronic diseases, diabetes offers control over the future. Ignore your condition, and that future is bleak. But if the last 60 years of research have taught us anything, it's that engaging consciously in managing your diabetes can save you from its ravages.

Yes, it's human nature to avoid worrying about what might come. The luscious dessert is sitting in front of you right now: Who wants to think about what may or may not happen 10, 20, or 30 years down the road?
And yet we humans are also wonderfully able to see the long-term benefit of choices we make today. When those choices become habit, they become less onerous, less a matter of doing without for the sake of the future and more about living well in the present.

So what will your future hold? It's up to you, more than you might even dare to imagine.



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