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Diabetize My ... Fudgy Brownies

By Robyn Webb ,

These oh-so-gooey brownies could satisfy any sweet tooth, but thanks to too much butter, heaps of sugar, and four eggs, the chocolaty squares were true indulgences. With a few smart swaps, I created a delicious dessert that anyone could feel less guilty eating. Here's how:

First, I substituted cocoa powder—a lower-fat option—for the recipe's chocolate bar, adding mini chocolate chips for added flavor. By cutting the amount of nuts, I shaved additional fat and calories off of the recipe. To give the brownies an added nutritional makeover, I replaced the four eggs with one egg and two egg whites.

I cut down on carbohydrates and sugar by using Splenda—then boosted the taste with additional vanilla extract. Finally, I added nonfat yogurt to give the brownies their characteristic moistness. The result: A super-chocolaty, moist, delicious post-meal treat.

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