Diabetes Forecast

2009 Resource Guide

A comprehensive listing of products to help you manage your condition


A diagnosis of diabetes brings with it a whole host of important yet puzzling consumer decisions. Your health care providers help you navigate some of this territory, as can family and friends with diabetes. The Diabetes Forecast Resource Guide aims to make the sailing even smoother. From blood glucose meters to ketone tests, insulin pumps to glucose tabs, the Guide provides unbiased, factual information about the products people with diabetes use to stay healthy.

We begin with the newest items on the market. This time around, convenience was king, meaning that familiar products are even easier to use--and more inventive. (Which is not to say that newer is better; you may find, for example, that your same old meter is just fine, thank you very much.)

A note on our process: To be eligible for inclusion in the Guide, products had to be available to the public as of Oct. 1, 2008.

New Products
By Tracey Neithercott

Medications for Type 2
Oral Drugs for Type 2

Insulin (and other injected drugs)
Insulins Used in the United States
Other Injectables
Insulin Pens
Aids for People with Visual or Physical Disabilities
Insulin Infusers

Insulin Pumps
Insulin Pumps
Insulin Pump Supplies

Home Glucose Monitoring
Understanding Lancets
Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems
Blood Glucose Monitors
Combination Blood Glucose Blood Pressure Monitors
Monitor Supplies

Products for Treating Low Blood Glucose
Over-the-counter Products for Treating Low Blood Glucose
Prescription Products for Treating Low Blood Glucose

Ketone Testing
Ketone Testing Products

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