Diabetes Forecast

Reasons to Celebrate

By Sara Sklaroff, Editorial Director ,

This is the second time that we've made success our December theme, and once again it's my favorite issue of the year. We think so much about the struggles and complications and tragedies of life with diabetes—and, of course, there are many. But this issue allows us to celebrate the victories that also go along with having this disease.

So what does success with diabetes look like? Depends on who's talking. For one man we profile this month, success meant quitting smoking. For another, it was learning to lift weights—and seeing what a difference that made in his blood glucose control. In the case of a woman named Elizabeth Edelman, it was having a healthy baby, a beautiful little girl who turned 1 as we were going to press. (Happy birthday, Leah!). Click here to read these success stories and more.

Success can also mean being in the top 5 percent of your high school class. Going pro on the tennis circuit. Running three marathons. Beating loneliness.

And, yes, having a fabulous TV career. Like many of the celebrities we've written about in Forecast, Sherri Shepherd reveals how difficult it was to find the motivation to focus on her health. In her case, the breakthrough came in large part from her love for her young son. Which didn't make it easy; it just made it essential.

Making wellness a priority is something all of our success stories have in common. Want to share your own? E-mail us at forecasteditor@diabetes.org, and let us celebrate with you.



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