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Diabetize My … Classic Bacon Quiche

By Robyn Webb, MS, LN ,

The French breakfast pie is a yummy alternative to the omelet, but its high-fat crust, strips of bacon, and cream- and cheese-packed filling leave a nutritional void. The good news? Making a healthier quiche is simple, since you can add as many vegetables as you like to the filling. Here, I added zucchini, mushrooms, and tomatoes as nutrition boosters.

To cut out some of the fat, I swapped some ingredients: pork bacon for turkey; cream for 1 percent milk; and full-fat Gruyère for reduced-fat, extra-sharp cheddar cheese. I also lessened the number of bacon strips included in the recipe (two slices make for just as tasty a dish as six!), and eliminated the pie crust to cut unnecessary carbs. Cottage cheese is included to give the quiche body and creaminess, so while you'll trim calories you won't sacrifice the texture or flavor. And since a little rich quiche goes a long way, I increased the serving size so you'll take a smaller portion.

Click here for the Diabetized Bacon Quiche recipe.



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