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Taking Meals to Heart

New cookbook focuses on diabetes and heart health

More than ever, people with diabetes are concerned not only with managing their blood glucose, but taking care of their heart health as well. But planning meals that help in managing blood glucose and also take into consideration cholesterol and heart health can be a challenge. That's why the American Diabetes Association and American Heart Association have teamed up to produce a new cookbook, Diabetes & Heart Healthy Meals for Two.

"Having the two organizations combine efforts in a joint publication lends so much force of authority," says Deborah Renza, managing editor of consumer publications at AHA. "We've got our nutritionists, our expertise, and science behind what we're doing." With all these health experts collaborating, how are they keeping flavor in the recipes? Renza says they work with recipe developers who find new ways to infuse flavor into healthy foods.

"A lot of fresh herbs are used to replace salt," Renza explains. "We use egg substitute. And we'll use applesauce or baby food for moisture in dessert, rather than oil." Sodium reduction and portion control are also key, Renza says.

After AHA's and ADA's first collaboration in 2004, Diabetes & Heart Healthy Cookbook, the organizations continued on with their recipe-building. But in the new book, "We're really focusing on cooking for two," says Renza. "We've discovered that a lot of people get diagnosed with diabetes at age 40 and older; so [in many cases] your kids are closer to or out the door."

Renza says she enjoys meals from the cookbook frequently in her own home. "We don't compromise flavor for health," Renza says. "It's important that these taste really good, as well as supply people with nutrients they need."



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