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"A Child Diabetic Speaks for Himself"

By Charles Johnson , ,

My Experiences as a Diabetic
(reprinted from the first issue of Diabetes Forecast)

No editing was done on this article in order to retain the originality and appeal.

I was four and a half years old, when my case of diabetes was discovered. I have it just about eight years. I really know about my self as a Diabetic.

I live like any normal child. I play as much as any other child. I enjoy myself very much with other children as if I where in normal health.

I am not ashamed of my diabetes. I like all sports, and I can go swimming and Ice skating at places not near my home. Because I just know how to take care of my-self, in case I go into shock, I carry a piece of sugar wtih me at all times.

I am always careful not to eat or drink anything that I am not allowed to have. I am not allowed to have any sweets at all. I am so use to not having them, it doesnt bother me at all I am well pleased without them. I can trust my-self on cheating. It pays to be true.

I have been taught to give my own Insulin. I can fill my syringe with out getting any air in it. I am very careful about giving my Insulin.

There is a few other things I am care-ful about, that is keeping my-self clean, so no infections occur. I guess I have told you all I can for now.


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